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Marci McCaffrey of StarDirections Astrology in Denver, Colorado

Marci McCaffery – Inspiring Dreams

These are times of profound change, for humanity and for the planet, demonstrating what is possible in many new ways. The cosmic clock is ticking to awaken our souls to follow our hearts and live our lives authentically.

As we release our fears, doubts and limitations, we are asked to embrace a new reality, through heightened awareness and conscious responsibility. We are invited to claim a new perspective regarding our lives, relationships, careers, and our emotional well being.

Using astrology as a roadmap, I combine intuitive, astrological counseling with spiritual support and guidance. I provide inspirational tools to open new pathways in self-discovery, personal growth, and self-empowerment.

My approach to life direction consulting in the 21st century serves to liberate my clients as they move beyond limitation to possibility and beyond fear to personal power. As we move forward, we are encouraged to align with a life direction and personal goals that offer lasting value, emotional fulfillment and soul nourishment. As we embrace a new cycle of growth, we are encouraged to expand into greatness and express our unique gifts.

I invite you to join me on a powerful journey offering profound insights into your life.

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